December Birth Flowers & Meanings: Narcissus, Holly & Poinsettia

Each bloom has a story, mythology, and significance related to December that elevates it beyond a mere flower arrangement to a living symbol of celebration and birth.

  • December Birth Flowers

December unfolds its wintry tapestry and presents a distinct trio of birth flowers that embody the spirit of the season: the poinsettia, the holly, and the narcissus. Each bloom has a story, mythology, and significance related to December that elevates it beyond a mere flower arrangement to a living symbol of celebration and birth.

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Narcissus December birth flower

Narcissus, also known as the daffodil, boasts elegant, trumpet-shaped blooms with petals ranging from pristine white to golden yellows. Their slender, green stems stand tall, capturing the essence of winter simplicity and elegance. This December birth flower typically blooms in late winter or early spring, making it a harbinger of the seasonal transition. However, certain varieties, such as paperwhites, are cultivated for indoor winter blooming.

The Narcissus December birth flower holds a special place in December celebrations, especially during the festive period leading up to the New Year. Its delicate fragrance and symbolic association with rebirth make it a fitting flower for December birthdays which you can easily get from West Islip Florist. In Greek mythology, Narcissus is linked to a young man who fell in love with his own reflection, ultimately transforming into the flower bearing his name. Symbolizing rebirth and the promise of a new beginning, Narcissus aligns seamlessly with the December birth flower concept.


Holly at west islip flower delivery embodies the festive spirit with its glossy, dark green leaves and bright red berries, which make for a striking contrast. Holly's vibrant berries and sharp, spiky leaves make it an obvious wintertime symbol. An evergreen shrub that does well in cooler areas is the holly bush. It keeps its leaves during the winter, adding a pop of color to the otherwise subdued scenery.

holly December birth flower

Apart from the holly December birth flower it has long been associated with winter festivities. It has earned its status as a December birth flower because of its vivid greenery and scarlet berries, which have made it a mainstay in holiday decorations. This flower for December's birth month is a sign of good fortune and protection in Celtic culture. Holly was connected to the Saturnalia festival by the Romans, who identified it with Saturn, the god of agriculture. As a birth flower, Holly embodies the enduring spirit of winter and the promise of a vibrant future.


Poinsettias December birth flower

The traditional Christmas flower is the poinsettia, with its vivid red bracts. Its colorful leaves are arranged in the shape of a star, giving the impression of a flaming starburst. Because poinsettias are grown and bloom throughout the winter, they are a perfect fit for festive décor and December birthdays which you can get with commack flower delivery.

December birth flower poinsettia has come to be associated with Christmas and winter festivities. They are frequently the focal point of Christmas décor because of their striking red color, which goes well with the festive color scheme.

Native to Mexico, the poinsettia is named after Joel Poinsett, the first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico who introduced the plant to the United States. In Mexican folklore, poinsettias are associated with a girl who, lacking a gift for the nativity scene, witnessed a miracle as the plant bloomed from weeds into vibrant red flowers.

Birth flowers available at toms towers flowers are a thoughtful and original way to give a gift that reflects the recipient's personality and the sentiments associated with their birth month. Following birth flowers also gives celebrations a personal and meaningful dimension by allowing people to celebrate their birth month with a bloom that carries symbolic significance and by connecting them with the natural world.

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