The Most Amorous Flowers to Show Your Love

We bring to you flowers you can use to express your passion and desires.

  • Romantic Flowers

There are ways to show love, one of the most traditional ways of expressing your feelings is through flowers. There are not just one but many flowers that would prove beneficial in making sure that your partner feels special. We bring to you flowers you can use to express your passion and desires.


These romantic flowers look like a dream and unwind like magic. These flowers are generally bought closed up and it's a treat to watch them unfold over the course of a few days. The petals open up and start falling off one by one. This is considered to be one of the most romantic flowers out there. For a peony bouquet you can go with pink peonies and white hydrangeas. Keep it simple and let the beauty of the flower take over. Peonies symbolize good luck, prosperity and honor.


A flower known to symbolize love, red roses represent passion and deep love for someone. For a rose bouquet you can go with a bunch full of roses. Or you can go with two colors like white or pink, red or pink work well. Apart from love, red roses also symbolize romance. Admiration, gratefulness. Other way round is to combine together roses, lilies, snapdragons. These flowers together make a great theme for a romantic flower bouquet.


A deep crimson colored flower that is ideal to show your passionate love. For a chrysanthemum bouquet you can go with red crysthmums, red roses, white gladiolus, solidago and some white fillers. Chrysanthemums also symbolize longevity, joy, positivity, fidelity. If you are looking for a bouquet designed especially for you then go no further than Towers Flowers. Get variation and artistic perfection in these bouquets.


An interesting flower which you can easily find at commack florist. Marigolds are domes. With curly mase like petals all over. Seen in color bright orange with a hint of yellow in it. Marigolds are interestingly on this list of passionate flowers. Marigold specifically symbolizes power, strength, light and fire of passion. You can get a bunch of these amazing flowers, the smell of these is equally mesmerizing.


With a huge family of 250 species Camellia has round and pointed petals. These flowers are a true symbol of passion, love, desire and longevity. Collect camelis in pink and red and put them together. This will make a sweet bouquet with a great impact. An expression of your feelings to the other. Get a bouquet made with flowers you like from florist west islip ny. Camellia also is a good filler flower just to add it here and there.


A spring bloom, Tulips have a lovely shape which is not like the ideal flower rather it has cup like petals. Seen in various colors red, purple, pink, yellow, white and orange. An assorted bouquet of Tulips put together is super romantic. You can go with a single color bouquet as well. Tulips also symbolize perfect and deep love. Along with flower recommendations get romantic flower delivery in West Islip NY with towers flowers.


Last but not the least we have tiny flowers that look just wonderful, dianthus symbolizes admiration, passion, pride and harmony. Dianthus is the filler flower out there. Put clusters of this flower in your bouquet and it will look amazing.

All these flowers choose your favorite, create a bouquet and surprise your partner with a sensational flower arrangement.

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