Best Valentine’s Day Flowers

If you need to stop by a flower shop in West Islip to pick up an arrangement, consider these lovely varieties that are ideal for Valentine's Day.

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Cupid's arrows will soon be flying as Valentine's Day approaches. With love and romance filling their hearts, many want to show their affection with thoughtful gifts. A beautiful floral arrangement is a classic choice for February 14th. If you need to stop by a flower shop in West Islip to pick up an arrangement, consider these lovely varieties that are ideal for Valentine's Day.


You can't go wrong with roses on Valentine's Day. They are the quintessential symbol of love and romance. Look for long-stemmed roses in shades of red, pink, or white. Red roses especially convey deep passion and love. For something truly memorable, put together a beautiful Valentine's Day rose bouquet with a mix of colors. Just be sure to order roses early since they are so popular for the day and may sell out fast.

Red rose - tower flowers


Tulips come in a beautiful array of colors like red, purple, yellow, and orange. Their flashy blooms make a lovely Valentine's flower arrangement. Try pairing colorful tulips with roses or daisies for a truly eye-catching bouquet. Be aware that tulips have a shorter vase life than roses, so opt for tulips if your Valentine's Day plans are earlier in the week.

Tulip flower - West Islip florist


Daisies are a classic spring flower symbolizing innocence and purity. Their simple yet cheerful blooms add a nice touch to any Valentine's flower bouquet. Look for shades of white, yellow, and soft pink daisies. Daisies also hold up well after being cut, so they are a great option if you need west islip flower delivery and your bouquet may not arrive until late on Valentine's Day.

Daisies - west islip flower


Available in shades of red, pink, white, and purple, carnations are an affordable and one of the best Valentine's Day flower choices that packs a lot of visual punch. Their bold, ruffled blooms last longer than roses. Carnations make lovely Valentine's flower arrangements on their own or paired with other fillers like babies breath. Be sure to order early for carnations too since they are a very popular Valentine's Day floral choice.

Carnations flower


Lilies have a romantic, lush beauty and can be easily used for different Valentine's flower arrangement ideas. Stargazer lilies with their large white blooms dripping with pollen are especially heavenly. Or opt for pink Asiatic lilies. Their sweet fragrance adds to their allure. Just keep in mind the strong scent of lilies, as some may find it overpowering. Lilies also last a long time after cutting, making them a great selection if you need reliable Valentine's flower delivery from your local flower shop.

orchid flower


Orchids are exotic, luxurious blooms that will surely impress your Valentine. Look for phalaenopsis orchids with full, fanned blooms in pink, purple, red, or white shades. Mini orchid plants that come in decorative pots also make thoughtful gifts. Orchids thrive for 1-2 weeks after being cut. Just be sure to order early from your local West Islip florist since orchids are more specialized flowers that may sell out.

When choosing your Valentine's Day flowers, consider your recipient's taste and the message you want to convey. No matter which variety you choose, gifts of fresh-cut flowers are guaranteed to melt your Valentine's heart. Be sure to order well ahead of time from Towers Flowers - order a quick Valentine's flower delivery in West Islip NY for the freshest blooms!

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