7 Most Popular Flowers to Give on Valentine’s Day

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Planning to purchase the same-old overpriced red roses for Valentine’s Day flowers? Well, reading this article will definitely make you change your mind, because not only are there so many other stunning flower options for you, but they are more unique, as well as pocket-friendly too! Here’s a list of 7 types of flowers for Valentine’s Day that will look amazing in any setting.

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1. Iris

    Blue is the color of uniqueness. These purple-blue flowers look amazingly romantic in any setting. Including Iris flowers in your Valentine’s Day flowers and balloons will be both meaningful and eye-catching. Iris flowers represent love, loyalty, and respect.

    2. Gerbera

      Gerbera daisy is another beautiful flower that brightens up your atmosphere in an instant. Gerbera flowers symbolize innocence, joy, happiness, and pure love. Apart from red and pink, you can also create your Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates baskets with yellow, orange, or white gerbera flowers.

      3. Lilac

        While selecting types of flowers for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget about Lilacs. Lilac flowers are known for their amazing fragrance and charming yet soothing appearance. A valentine’s bouquet with lilacs will spruce up your home décor in a beautiful way. With towers flowers online florist, you can now order Valentine’s Day flowers from the comfort of your home and choose from hundreds of designs as per your choice.

        Daffodil flower for valentine day
        Daffodil Flower

        4. Daffodil

          Daffodils are the messengers of happiness and joy. These white flowers with sunny yellow centers represent love, loyalty, and overall a happy life. Gifting a bunch of daffodils on Valentine’s Day symbolizes how happy you make each other in your relationship. Do you need same day Valentine’s Day flower delivery in West Islip NY? Towers flowers offer this service for your convenience.

          5. Anemone

            Anemone flowers are so pretty and attractive, and yet pocket-friendly. Anemone flowers are more often used as fillers, but a special flower arrangement solely with anemones will look equally stunning as Valentine’s Day gifts. Choose from different colors, or just select a mixed color bouquet. It will look amazing both ways.

            6. Peony

              Peony flowers are some of the most delicate and soothing flowers found in our country. The blushing pink flowers stand for affection, attraction, and mutual admiration. This makes them an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day.

              7. Hydrangea

                Hydrangea flowers too are stunning as romantic flowers. White or blue hydrangeas are perfect accompaniments to other flowers like gerbera, rose, or anemones. White hydrangeas add a certain amount of elegance to your flower bouquets meant for Valentine’s Day.

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